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Create A Project

Note: The following examples will assume you have the command line interface of Zend_Tool_Framework available to you.

Note: To issue any of the commands for Zend_Tool_Project with CLI, you must be in the directory where the project was initially created.

To get started with Zend_Tool_Project, you simply need to create a project. Creating a project is simple: go to a place on your filesystem, create a directory, change to that directory, then issue the following command:

/tmp/project$ zf create project

Optionally, you can create a directory anywhere by the following:

$ zf create project /path/to/non-existent-dir

The following table will describe the capabilities of providers that are available to you. As you can see in this table, there is a "Project" provider. The Project provider has a couple of actions associated to it, and with those actions a number of options that can be used to modify the behavior of the action and provider.

Project Provider Options
Provider Name Available Actions Parameters CLI Usage
Project Create / Show create - [path=null, profile='default'] zf create project some/path