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Customizing Zend_Queue


Zend_Queue_Stomp provides a basic client to communicate with » Stomp compatible servers. Some servers, such as Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ, will allow you to communicate by other methods, such as HTTP, and XMPP.

The Stomp protocol provides » StompConnect which supports any » Java Message Service (JMS) provider. Stomp is supported by » Apache ActiveMQ, » RabbitMQ, » stompserver, and » Gozirra.

Stomp - Supporting classes

  • Zend_Queue_Stomp_Frame. This class provides the basic functions for manipulating a Stomp Frame.

  • Zend_Queue_Stomp_Client. This class provides the basic functions to send() and receive() Zend_Queue_Stomp_Frames to and from a Stomp compatible server.

Customizing Zend_Queue